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How Much Does It Cost to Order a Paper from Us?

Papers at MyEssayHelp are charged individually, because the price depends on your requirements. Basically, the factors that define paper’s price are level (Undergraduate, Bachelor or Professional), paper length (275 words per page), deadline (3 hours – 14 days), and work type (writing, editing, admission help). Mind that bibliography and title pages are not included into the total amount, because we compose them for free.

To know a precise price for your paper, you should use an online calculator. This tool will show the sum you need to pay for you order automatically before you confirm it. This is going to be a final price for it and no additional fees are required.

Loyalty Program for regular clients

When you become our regular customer, you can order papers significantly cheaper. This Program is a bonus system that provides you with points every time you place an order. The points are accumulated on your Credit Balance and you can use them to pay for next orders. As such, you can gather points and order papers a couple of times cheaper!

  • Place an order and get a bonus (10% from a price)
  • Confirm your order and see your bonuses transferring to a Credit Balance
  • Use bonus points to pay for your next orders

That’s all! We strive to make your ordering experience as much enjoyable as possible, therefore benefit from our special offers and get amazing papers for cheap.


Not only we have a Loyalty Program, but also a pack of juicy discounts. Take a look at them:

  • 5% off for an order above $500
  • 10% off for an order above $1000
  • First-time discount for new customers

If you have any questions about discounts and how to apply them, make sure to contact our Customer Support via phone, email or online chat. We are ready to answer your questions 24/7.

Extra services

You can get some amazing extra services for a small additional fee:

  • VIP Support – $14.99

Do you want to get the most of our Customer Service? Well, then you should try VIP Customer Support offer. Add this extra to your order and you will get special attention from us. You will receive SMS notifications about the progress and have your requests answered before all the rest.

  • Plagiarism report – $9.99

You can have our guarantee that your paper is going to be 100% unique. However, if you want to have a solid proof, just request an official plagiarism report.

  • Abstract page – $14.99

We will write a comprehensive and clear 1-page summary of your paper.

  • Sources for your paper – $4.99

If you want us to send the materials used for a research, you can request this extra. Books, journals articles, and other sources are available in .doc and .pdf formats as well as links and screenshots.

  • Editor’s check – charged individually

Do you want your paper to be not just great, but absolutely flawless? Then order an additional editor’s check. Our professionals will proofread and give it a final touch of perfection.